J-Mac Classic Clay
by J-Mac
Sku: JF-210M-B

Clay and wax products for the serious sculptor.

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50lb case
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J-Mac Classic Clay is a sulfur-free professional grade modeling clay adored by clay sculptors the world over for its easy workability and excellent carving and shaping properties. Requiring minimal armature support, J-Mac Classic Clay is ideal for clay sculptors who don’t want to fuss with the preparation period of a sculpt. Additionally, J-Mac Classic clay is compatible with virtually every mold making rubber, ensuring that each sculpt can be easily and safely molded by those who intend to cast their work. J-Mac Classic Clay will not sag, crack, crumble or dry out at room temperature. Slabs and cases of J-Mac Classic Clay are not produced by J-Mac in uniform weight. Slabs are typically 7-10lbs (12" x 9"); cases are typically 45-50lbs. Prices in the shopping cart assume a 10lb slab, or a 50lb case. The final cost, based on actual weight, will be adjusted upon shipment.


All clay & wax products are available by the case.

Product Packing:

slab weight:


10 pounds


slab dimensions:


12" x 9"

net case weight:

50 pounds (5 x 10lb slabs)


J-Mac Clay and Wax Products


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